ICADS Community: Cultural and educational activities

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By: Roxana Rojas Rodríguez

In addition to the intensive language classes, Spanish program at ICADS features a series of cultural and educational activities in the afternoons, which help foreign students to better understand the history of Costa Rica, its culture, beliefs, values, way of being, folklore, symbols, economic and political aspects of the country and its economic and social development.

All these activities, plus living with a Costa Rican family, not only contribute to a total immersion in the culture, but also facilitate students development and learning of language in a more easy, fast, fun and practical way.

Talks and movies

As part our program, students listen to lectures or watch Latin American cinema. These activities include various fields and topics, in order to enrich the cultural background of students.

Charla cáncer mama Charla grupos indígenas Charla tortugas y biodiv. Visita hospital

Fiesta de Frutas

To try new flavors is also a must.



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