Our Assistant Director Says Goodbye After 7 years


Our Assistant Director Says Goodbye After 7 years

Kat Peters, our assistant director studied International Service and Spanish in Valparaiso University, Indiana.

Kat Peters, our assistant director, said goodbye to ICADS after 7 years and a half here. Kat has gone back to United States, but before she left, she shared with us a little about her years living in Costa Rica and working in Central America.

Her experience started many years ago, as a student, when she visited El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. In those countries, she had the chance to learn not only Spanish, but also about the region’s culture and history. Kat said it was very rewarding for her to learn by her own experience about things she would never learn in history classes in the US.

Kat kept working on those topics, and her interest in Central America continued to grow until she had the chance to start working with ICADS. “I was very young when I started”, she said. “However, people in here helped me a lot to learn about the organization and made the whole process easier.”

During her years in ICADS, Kat had the chance to do what she likes the most: working with local people together with American students in different programs. Besides, she worked in the administration department. One of the most important things for her is to let people know the power they have to change the world, and the first step to do so is to understand what is different from us.

After more than 8 years of living in Costa Rica, Kat had met our culture, lifestyle and even our slangs. It was difficult at the beginning, but many people help her to get used to Costa Rica, a country that she calls “her second home”. Now, we send our best wishes for Kat. Thanks for all these years of hard work in ICADS!


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