Cultural and Educational Activities: Visiting the National Museum


ICADS’ program, in addition to the language class, has a series of educational and cultural activities during the afternoons, that helps foreigner students to understand better Costa Rican’s history, its culture, its beliefs, its values, the way it is, its folklore, the national symbols that identify, economic and political aspects of the country, its economic and social development. All of these activities plus living with their family, contribute not only to a total immersion in the culture but facilitates stay, development and learning of the language in an easier way, quickly, funny and practical.


Visiting museums is mandatory because if we want to understand a little better the culture and history, this is the ideal place to do it.


One of the main museums to visit is the National Museum, which emerged in Costa Rica where liberal ideas and principles of peace, material progress, and education, characterized Society 1880 In this context, related laws about education and the creation of cultural institutions prompted the birth of the museum. The museum was founded on May 4, 1887, with President Bernardo Soto and Development Minister Don Cleto González Víquez.


Here we can see a group of students in the beautiful National Museum of Costa Rica


These are some of the sculptures and pre-Columbian artifacts to be found in the museum. In the first you can see a representation of the “reduction heads” and in the second, the first sculpture on the left represents “hermaphrodite”.

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