ICADS Newsletter-Spring 2017

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The first semester program of the year is over. Numerous students became ICADSers this 2017 and took on a life changing opportunity, where they committed to ICADS’ principles: social justice and sustainable development.

Below is a quick look at what some of them have experienced this semester.


Field Program

First, students went to the Southern Pacific Region of Costa Rica, where they learned about permaculture, the pineapple industry, rural youth education, and the role of birds in reforestation.

In week two, the group traveled to Costa Rica’s Caribbean region. Together with teachers and experts, they talked about organic agriculture, rural community tourism, women’s organizations, and the role of unions for protecting workers’ rights.

Finishing, mangrove’s ecosystem, sustainable extraction of natural resources, and the cane industry are some of the topics that students discussed in Northwest area.

And the time to begin their independent research projects arrived! Semester participants journeyed to sites to delve into topics such as agro forest resistance, the potential for agriculture diversification in a farming community, organic and non-organic coffee production, community efforts for water protection, fishery population and regulation, mangrove protection, and access for women to health, education, and employment.


Internship Program

This semester, we had several students in ICADS’ internship program. One of them worked with an organization in Matagalpa, Nicaragua which focuses on family and community development. They give small loans for different projects, and try to promote cooperation among their members.

In Costa Rica, another student cooperated with MUSADE, an organization in San Ramón, Alajuela. MUSADE works with families, particularly women, who are/were abuse victims.

A third intern was engaged in challenging opportunities at Fundación Mujer, an organization in San José that focuses on entrepreneurship for women, encouraging their financial stability and independence.



This March, ICADS attended the Forum on Education Abroad’s 13th Annual Conference, where multiple organizations from the field of study abroad get together to share and update knowledge. This time was also special because ICADS was officially certified as an institution that meets the Quality Standards established by The Forum (QUIP).

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