Cultural and Educational Activities: Community Service

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By Roxana Rojas, ICADS Program Coordinator


At ICADS, we want to make every student’s visit a life-changing experience.  We plan different cultural and educational activities in the afternoons as a way for students to understand better the history, values, beliefs, language, customs, and national identity of the country they are visiting.

Culture is very important for us.  We want our students to really know the people, their lifestyles, and the different problems they have to face in the society.

Community service is a great way to reach all these objectives.  Today in our blog, we share some activities ICADS students can participate in.

The nursing home in Curridabat, San José, is one of the places we frequently visit.  It is a great space for students to learn how a nursing home works in Costa Rica, and what are their needs.  Students can also practice their Spanish interacting with the elderly while having a good time.


It is also common for ICADS students to visit low-income communities and contribute in some way, either by improving their infrastructure or by helping children with their studies, playing with them or simply by listening to people’s survival stories.

This is the case of La Carpio and Río Azul, also in San José, where students can see a different side of Costa Rica that usually does not appear in advertisements.


Community Service –an experience that helps communities and enriches students’ lives.


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