Drug Trafficking and the “War on Drugs” –Sapere Aude!

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  With this Immanuel Kant’s phrase (“Sapere Aude”), translated as “Dare to Know!”, the Costa Rican ex-Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Pablo Barahona Krüger, began his talk at ICADS. This lawyer specialized in Human Rights and Constitutional Law started analyzing the “Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime” topic inviting our Semester Program student to step out of the … Read More

ICADS Semester Program Spring 2017.

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  Time has gone so fast and our Spring Semester Program is almost over! During Block I, ICADS students enjoyed lectures about contemporary Costa Rica — biodiversity and ecosystems; the church, state, and gender; economic systems and human rights; informal economy; direct foreign investment, and colonialism. They also visited an organic coffee farm and learned about land use capacity. In … Read More

Our Assistant Director Says Goodbye After 7 years


Our Assistant Director Says Goodbye After 7 years Kat Peters, our assistant director, said goodbye to ICADS after 7 years and a half here. Kat has gone back to United States, but before she left, she shared with us a little about her years living in Costa Rica and working in Central America. Her experience started many years ago, as … Read More

Some tips to learn better Spanish

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By Gabriela García, ICADS Spanish Coordinator Learn a new word in the dictionary every day; write it down; use it at least three times during the day and review it again the next day before learning a new one. Listen to music in Spanish; start with romantic songs first, because they’re slower; little by little listen to other faster rhythms and … Read More