Meeting the Standards

ICADS30th Anniversary, Costa Rica, Culture, Internship, Justice, Language, Latin America, Nicaragua, Research, Spanish, Study Abroad


By Kat Peters, M.Ed., Assistant Director It is with great pride that I share with you that in December of 2016, in ICADS’s 30th Anniversary, our institution was recognized by The Forum on Education Abroad as being in “substantial conformity” with the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. ICADS has been a member of The Forum since 2013.  Our membership … Read More

30 años de ICADS

ICADS30th Anniversary, Costa Rica, Latin America, Nicaragua

Escrito por: Anthony Chamberlain, PhD., Director de ICADS El Aniversario 30 de ICADS es un momento adecuado para celebrar los logros del Instituto, brindar tributo a sus muchos contribuyentes y reconocer las formas en que ha evolucionado y se ha adaptado a nuestro cambiante mundo. ICADS fue establecido en una Centroamérica muy diferente a la actual. En 1986, la Guerra Fría … Read More

ICADS 30th Anniversary

ICADS30th Anniversary, Costa Rica, Justice, Latin America, Nicaragua

By: Anthony Chamberlain, PhD., ICADS Director The 30th Anniversary of ICADS is an appropriate time to celebrate the Institute’s accomplishments, pay tribute to its many contributors, and recognize the ways ICADS has evolved with and adapted to our changing world. In many ways, ICADS was founded when Central America was quite different from the Central America of today. In 1986 the Cold War … Read More