# 10

Since the 1980s, Costa Rica has had the reputation of being one of the best countries in Latin America to learn Spanish.

# 9

Costa Rica is a country committed to the environment and recognized worldwide for its beautiful landscapes.

# 8

You will gain firsthand access  to many Latin American expressions, sayings and words.

# 7

You will be in a country with a high level of social development and that is political and economically stable, which will allow you to enjoy many beautiful places, different types of ecosystems, national parks, cultural centers, etc.

# 6

You will learn to understand many cultural cues necessary to communicate effectively with people in at least 23 countries.

# 5

You will help improve the local economy, especially in all those rural areas where many of Costa Rica's tourist and ecotourism attractions are located.

# 4

Spanish teachers will provide you with the resources needed to achieve your goals. At ICADS, our teachers have years of experience and have been trained to help and guide you in the learning process.


You will achieve very valuable growth on a personal, intellectual and professional level.


As you begin to master the language, you will discover yourself talking about topics of your interest and current affairs.

# 1

You will have the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican family and experience an atmosphere full of warmth, affection, and kindness. In your host family, you will find parents, siblings, nephews, cousins, and friends with whom you will enjoy and improve your Spanish skills.