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ICADS educates participants about Central America through Spanish classes and hands-on academic programs that help students deepen their insights of social, political and economic realities while valuing  their effects on the local environment and society.


ICADS supports local organizations and communities by demonstrating a commitment to learning about local social justice issues. Through volunteer work and financial support, we support local education, healthcare, human rights, anti-hunger and environmental issues.


ICADS strives to increase the understanding of Central America learning through historical perspectives, analyzing root causes, studying inequality and injustice, evaluating current development strategies, studying issues on women, children, poverty, the poor, and the environment.

Meet Our Staff!

Our team is made up of experts committed to your academic success, health, and safety. Many of us have spent decades working with US students in Central America, and in topics related to our academic work. Many of us, both North and Central Americans, are bilingual, and we all love working cross culturally with students like you in our tropical context.