Here you can find some of our student testimonials!

Olivia Salemi had just finished her Nursing major at Nazareth College before coming to ICADS. She was part of our Spanish Intensive Program in August, 2019. We asked her some questions that summarizes her experience! 

1. Why did you choose ICADS to study abroad? 

I chose ICADS because it was advertised by my college. By that time I didn’t know that other Spanish schools existed, but now that I know, I’m very glad that I chose ICADS because I’ve had a great experience here. Wonderful teachers and wonderful staff. 

2. Can you tell us what your program was about? 

I was here for four weeks for the Spanish Intensive Program. I was from Monday through Friday to take Spanish classes for three hours. During the day, I would have Spanish lectures and in the afternoons I would have activities; I would either go to San José or volunteer at the children’s orphanage, and on the weekends I was able to travel throughout Costa Rica. 

3. How would you describe your experience?

I’d describe it as a beautiful experience. An experience where I learned a lot about the culture, the people, and overall the beauty of Costa Rica. I had a great expecience here and I’m sad to leave! 

4. Would you recommend ICADS to other students? Watch the video!

Clayton, “defensor de la vida silvestre” Markham, as he calls himself, is an environmental engineering student at University at Buffalo. He joined ICADS for our Summer Internship Program in 2019. How was his experience? Watch the video!