Learning Spanish at ICADS is more than just learning a language. Our classes offer a unique experience to go beyond just grammar, and move towards a deeper understanding of the Central American reality


Your Gap Semester is a time to explore, to get to know yourself and the world. But we suspect you want something more than just adventure, which is plentiful in Costa Rica. Study with us and make the most of your gap semester!

Language & Society

Language learning isn’t only grammar and composition. Expand your Spanish skills a means to understand culture and to interact with real people in real contexts.

Summer Internship

Immerse yourself in Costa Rican language and culture this summer! Learn Spanish, live with a host family, and work at a unique internship placement.

Social Justice & Development Internship

Integrate theoretical concepts and real-world experience through hands-on experience. Move from classroom theory to actual practice in your internship placement, learning how communities are seeking to create lasting social change.