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ICADS credits are widely accepted by many of the finest colleges and universities in the USA, and a transcript is issued for all semester programs. Consult your off-campus study office for specific credit and grading policies. In the event that an ICADS transcript is not sufficient, transfer credits may be pre-arranged though ICADS’ School of Record, Hampshire College, that charges a $300 fee for this service (please contact Info@icads for details).

ICADS recommends 18 credit hours for its semester programs (or its equivalent for quarter and term systems), and a variety of other credit allocations for shorter term programs such as the Summer Internship and Spanish Intensives. In each instance, it is very important to pre-establish both the number and distribution of credits with your school’s registrar or departmental authority.

Refund policy
Deposits made to reserve a place in the program are non-refundable, as they are used to cover expenses made on behalf of incoming students. However during this period of uncertainty, deposits will be refunded if the student is unable to attend owing to COVID related issues. Partial refunds may be available after the program has begun. Please consult ICADS for information on refunds, as they are subject to affiliation agreements made with our university partners.



Institutional and Government Financial Aid:  In most cases students receiving financial aid from their home institution remain eligible for all or portions of their college’s/university’s aid package.  It is very important that each student consult their campus aid officer well in advance for the specifics about applicable financial aid for their participation in any ICADS program.


ICADS Financial Assistance: 

ICADS offers a limited amount of financial assistance based on NEED and MERIT.


ICADS supports individuals, organizations and communities in which we work (Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama); especially individuals and groups which have demonstrated a commitment to learning and/or a dedication to social justice work. Though modest, ICADS makes regular financial donations to various organizations whose agendas are consistent with the goals and philosophy of ICADS. These organizations include but are not limited to; anti-hunger groups, environmental organizations, women organizations, and human and animal rights groups. Since the average yearly salary of a Central American is less than one-fourth of the poverty level income in the United States, it is logical that Central Americans are in much more need of the limited assistance that ICADS can provide. Furthermore, North Americans and Europeans have more potential opportunity for educational loans and grants. Their governments have larger budgets for educational scholarships, and they have more access to a myriad of loans, grants and scholarships provided by both governmental and non-governmental sources (see below under “Other Scholarships”). Although financial need is subjective, some students who apply to ICADS do have genuine need. Therefore, ICADS accepts requests for financial aid from those students who demonstrates such. If you feel you may be eligible for financial aid because of need, please send ICADS a written statement which includes the following information: 1. Your area of study, 2. Your year of study and at what institution 3. If you are under 21, the current career or job of each parent and their combined annual family income,  (individually, if independent). 4. Indicate why you feel you need aid and how much aid you need. This statement should be received by ICADS two months prior the starting date of your program and should be sent to Program Director via e-mail at: info@icads.org.


ICADS provides up to four $500 scholarships each year for semester program participants on a merit basis. Applicants must demonstrate a high level of understanding of international issues and civic involvement. To apply for this scholarship, the student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, submit a resume showing involvement in his or her community, and respond to the following question in 500 words or less, two months prior to the start of the semester program. Essay question: share an experience where you engaged a local community and how that might relate to your motivation to study in Latin America?


General Scholarship Information Fund for Education Abroad

FEA scholarships were designed by professionals in the field of Education Abroad to meet the growing need for financial resources to enable more students to go abroad. Scholarships will be up to $5,000 per semester and are not limited to specific programs, destinations, or fields of study. For more information visit http://fundforeducationabroad.org/applicants/

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

The Gilman International Scholarship Program offers a competition for awards for undergraduate study abroad and was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2-year or 4-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide. Deadlines are mid-March for the Fall or Academic Year, and early October for Spring. For more information visit http://www.iie.org/programs/gilman/index.html

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Each year, the State Farm Companies Foundation provids $2,500 scholarships to 20 Hispanic college students who are pursing a teaching career. Applications are available from August 1 and the deadline to submit an application is October 16 (must be postmarked by October 16). To obtain an application and selection criteria, please contact the Hispanic Scholarship Fund at: For more information about application and selection criteria, contact the fund at Hispanic Scholarship Fund 55 Second Street, Suite 1500 San Francisco, CA 94105 1-877-HSF-INFO (1-877-473-4636)

OAS Fellowship

The Inter-American Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD) of the Organization of American States (OAS) administers one of the hemisphere’s largest multinational fellowships and training programs. Every year, the Agency provides fellowships for undergraduate studies at universities through the region and awards for specialized, short-term training at educational institutions and training centers in OAS Member and Observer States. Scholarship amount vary. For more information visit http://www.educoas.org/portal/en/oasbecas/about.aspx?culture=en&navid=44

 Global Studies Foundation Grant

Designed to support foreign language training and other academic studies abroad, this grant provides supplemental funds for American students who already are studying abroad under the auspices of an official study abroad program conducted by an accredited academic institution. GSF seeks to support a formative experience abroad for the recipient, who also must share this experience with others upon his or her return – ideally, with multiple audiences and varied media. They are particularly interested in funding the study of strategically significant countries and languages. Applicants must be US citizens and currently enrolled full-time and in good academic standing in an accredited secondary or postsecondary institution. Among the most significant selection criteria are academic performance (as indicated in courses, grades, recommendations, and other achievements), program merit, and outreach potential. Grant recipients will be expected to acknowledge GSF's support, to report on their experiences, and to work with GSF to share those experiences as widely as possible. For more information visit http://www.globalstudiesfoundation.org/ShowContents.cfm?CategoryID=64 Golden Key International Honour Society International Student Leader of the Year The International Student Leader of the Year Award recognizes one exceptional Golden Key member for outstanding commitment to the Society and display of effective campus and community leadership while maintaining superior academic performance. The recipient of the International Student Leader Award will receive an award of $1,000. For more information visit http://www.goldenkey.org/GKIHS/MemberBenefits/ScholarshipsandAwards/


John T. Petters Foundation

The John T. Petters Foundation seeks to increase study abroad opportunities for students who might otherwise not participate due to financial constraints. The Scholarship is open to undergraduate college students, in good academic standing, who meet the following criteria: The Applicant must be pursuing a study abroad program that has a focus on international business. The Applicant must be applying to or been accepted into a study abroad program eligible for credit by the student’s home institution. The Applicant must have financial need for scholarship funding. The Applicant must be a United States Citizen. For more information visit http://www.johntpettersfoundation.org/apply/application_information.asp

Osher Scholars Summer Study Abroad

Students may use this award to help pay for a summer study abroad program of their choosing. The length of study program can vary from two weeks to three months. All projects should relate to the students’ academic interests and/ or career goals. For more information contact: Ms. Elly Hanauer Institute of International Education/ West Coast Osher Scholars Summer Study Abroad Program 530 Bush St. Suite 1000 San Francisco, CA 94108 Phone: (415) 362-6520 x214 E mail: ehanauer@iie.org Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grant There are thirty-eight $1,000 grants awarded each year to help support undergraduate study abroad. The grant is open to Phi Kappa Phi members as well as non-members in all fields of study. Student must attend an institution with a Phi Kappa Phi chapter, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0 and have a minimum of 56 credit hrs and a max of 90. Study abroad program must commence in May and end in June of the following year. Applicants must submit a letter of acceptance into the study abroad program and have at least 2 remaining semesters remaining in the home institution after the completion of the study abroad program. For more information visit http://www.phikappaphi.org/Web/Scholarships/studyabroad/studyabroad_faq.html

The Elie Wiesel Ethics Essay Contest

The Elie Wiesel Prize in Ethics Essay Contest is an annual competition designed to challenge college students to analyze the urgent ethical issues confronting them in today's complex world. Students are encouraged to write thought-provoking personal essays that raise questions, single out issues and are rational arguments for ethical action. $5000-$500 prize. For more information visit http://www.eliewieselfoundation.org/prizeinethics.aspx


The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship

The Marion Wright Edelman Scholarship is a $1,000 award offered to a person of minority background who had a history of commitment to the creation of a just and peaceful world, ability to follow through with projects which work with and toward world community and, concrete evidence that others will benefit from the experience of the scholarship winner. For more information visit http://www.lisleinternational.org/www/schola.html

 Vincent L. Hawkinson Foundation for Peace and Justice Scholarship Award

Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded $27,000 in scholarships to 28 students, enabling them to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies here and around the world. These students are inspired by the same ideals that Pastor Hawkinson, the inspiration for this scholarship, embodied. The scholarship is funded by donations from friends and members of the Foundation and by endowment earnings. Past scholarship recipients have come from many faiths, including Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. The scholarship is intended for women or those with disabilities. For more information visit http://www.grinnell.edu/Offices/financialaid/schopportunities/includes/hawkinsfinal.pdf Or e-mail graceuniv@juno.com

The Christianson Grant

The Christianson Grant is open to applicants who have sought out and arranged their own programs. Proposed programs must be at least sixth months in length and emphasize a work component. The grant program does not support independent research projects or academic study abroad programs. Amount awarded ranges from US$2,500 - US$10,000 In addition, interested participants must meet the following requirements: * U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents * Between the ages of 18 and 28 * Participating in a work, internship, or volunteer abroad program * Committed to a program duration of at least 6 months * Willing to submit a written report upon completion of their program. For more information visit http://www.interexchange.org/grants/christianson-grant.html

LIVFund Scholarship

The scholarship competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 interested in learning, interning or volunteering abroad in Latin America. Candidates may apply for the LIVFund Scholarship at any time, beginning six [6] months in advance of their program start date. Applicants who are awarded the scholarship must agree to post at least three [3] blog entries on the LIVFund blog detailing their abroad experience. For more information, visit: http://www.livfund.org/ FEA Rainbow Scholarship This scholarship will be awarded to a deserving LGBT student who aims to participate in a high-quality, rigorous education abroad program. Applicants must meet general FEA scholarship eligibility requirements & preferences. Students interested in being considered for this annual scholarship should indicate this through their application forms. For more information, visit: www.fundforeducationabroad.org Some more links… http://www.studyabroad.com/forum/financial_aid.html http://www.studyabroadlinks.com/search/Study_Abroad_Resources/Scholarships_and_Financial_Aid/ index.html